Since Social exisnya face book acount in cyberspace, making each person make their own group, including the Alumni SMP Tambunan not to be outdone, even in three years there had been three fb acount that the name of Alumni SMP Tambunan, one of whom had lost no clear news, after our founders were Serli Tambunan kroscek.

View of the number of friends who join the acount was pretty much know what merespon.tapi on acount because Fb is lost.

and fb the two founders Leonardo Silaen reappear, but fb acount is not so in the response by Alumni SMP Tambunan.bergabung not like the first.

current reappeared FB acount of the three junior high school alumni taon 1997, in terms of ratings, including frequently visited by members of the group, and provide comments.

each SMP Alumni fb Tambunan, always discuss when to reunian, who became the question of when can Reunian,?

seems all just mere wishful thinking, how do you think? ..

From: Agus Budi Tambunan

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