There are many ways to make money on the internet. One of them is to create a website and then call it in order to monitize website can make money. At this time it was ngetrend among Netter (who org hobby internet) to look for additional income. In general, they make the website and sign up for affiliate program2 who can make money on the internet. If you have a website that has been in monitize, then the extra revenue will come by itself even though you're sleeping. This is because the website you will be on line 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and visitors to the website you who click on ads there will provide additional revenue for you. And this happens without you having to constantly monitor. As soon as you create a website is online and he has great potential to make money. And how much capital that must be removed to create a website like that? For now you can be sure will not be out any money except to pay lease rental cafe / computer, cigarettes and drinks to accompany you in making a website or blog . Well if you've finished making a website , there are several free affiliate programs which you can follow at this time. Among them are:
Ways to make a website / blog to make money through

(RECOMMENDED - has proven to pay)

This free web domain companies in addition to offering a free domain for the website you also offer cooperation with the people who have signed up there for free.
Domain is the address of the website you. example. While the website is a collection of html files that are stored disuatu web server or web hosting.
If you want to have a website which is free and can result in payment of dollars, I highly recommend you follow the program. way is by providing a reference link which directs visitors website / blog you to the website they are. Of every person who signed up, you get a commission USD 0:15. Well anyway it seems small, if the conversion to dollars only about 1,000 rupiah. But you try to imagine if the website / blog will have many visitors . After collection of at least $ 15 then your commission at any time via Paypal infusible (can be disbursed every day). Click here to sign up proof of payment and receipt of this money that has been entered in my paypal account. Please check suitability of the antecedent transfer between account and my paypal . After you check, then you will believe that benar2 already paid me. Total from January s / d June 2010 = 328.9 x 9000 = 2.9601 million dollars emang rata2 does little for only $ 493 350 / month , but this is because of this blog visitors not so much. Only about 426 visitors per day starting January 1, s / d 26 June 2010 (based on "first time visitor" at StatCounter.) Ok. Now we try to count with my blog on real data from 1 January 2010 - June 26, 2010 Number of blog visitors = 75 027 people (6 months) Number of sign up (those who sign up) = 3288 people (6 months) Convert the number of visitors to sign up = 3288: 75 027 = 4.38% So 4:38% of visitors of this blog follow-enroll in this free program. Data above is a real data of this blog. Now let's daydream a little and count if the visitor of this blog to 3,000 people per day! (NGIMPI TIME ... Yee) "Remember that people can be successful because I have a dream. dream of making people motivated, and motivation are the primary capital to succeed. Remember also that God will not change the fate of a people until people are willing to try to change it. " Ok. deh back to the topic and prepare your calculator -:> *** This is illustrative of my conditioning according to my experience the real data during the last 6 months follow-up program (1 January - 26 June 2010). I use the data of 6 months to avoid the prediction error / deviation is too far *** NOTE: 1 January - 26 June 2010 = 176 days If a visitor website / blog are 3,000 people per day, then 176 days x 3000 = 528 000 visitors org in 6 months 528 000 people x 4:38% = 23 139 signups (registrars) in 6 months ** 4:38% is the real data of this blog for 6 months (please see note above) ** 0:15 23 139 x dollars (commission / signup) = 3.470.85 dollar (6 months) 3.470.85 dollar exchange rate x 9000 = Rp 31,237,650 (six months) so the money generated from the internet ( per month of Rp 5,206,275, - Maybe for some people the amount of money a month for a small , But remember that this is a passive income because you only need to do the following (please do step by step):

CO.CC:Free Domain

internet money from

  1. Free domain register CO.CC:Free Domain
  2. Create a blog and enter the code as shown in the above link to your blog (if you already have a blog / website you just enter the code above)
  3. Register your blog on google search engine. You can register through here Add Your URL
  4. To account please register on receipt of paypal payment, if you do not have a paypall account, you can list here.
  5. Forget your blog and let it work by itself with occasional checks on the account sign up your list, and if the results are above 15 dollars, you can withdraw the money to paypal. If you've collected enough you can pull your money from paypal to your bank account (the process takes up to 5 bank working days).
If you already have a blog visitors and if the way you refer is very interesting, then you will automatically have additional income without requiring you to work though. To find out the number of visitors to your blog / website you are, please register your blog / website you are here and copy the javascript code that is given by StatCounter to the website you. Remember the key to the success or failure of this program are the visitors to the blog / website . The more number of visitors to your blog, the more results you get. The more you can convince visitors of your website / blog to follow this program the greater the conversion you can sign up to the amount. If you are lazy to type or make a review about on your blog / website you, please copy and paste my post to blog / website you are as long as you provide a backlink to my blog. Well if you have a list of domains, then read Step and How Creating a Website or please see how to create a blog

Ways to make a website / blog so generating money through local PPC

A. How to create a blog produced by Kumpulblogger

If you have a website or blog, you can register in The pay dollars to be transferred directly into your account after your bill reaches a certain balance. How the work of these bloggers are rallying to collect the owner of the website and the advertisers through media website These advertisers will pay us through kumpulblogger when their ads are appearing on the website we clicked on by visitors. If you are a beginner I recommend this program come first. Warning: only for novice bloggers who blog / website visitors only slightly. If visitors to your web quite a lot of say at least 150 people per day should come kliksaya just because the pay is really small bloggers gathering). My experience for the blog / web the same kliksaya can produce nearly 7 x fold. So let's say the same of a blog I can only be 10 000 per month from the gathering of bloggers, but from kliksaya be 70,000. I never investigated it in depth but the fact is so. So I just plug the blogger gathering at a minimum the blog visitor only.


Ways of working together as kumpulblogger kliksaya. To register it's just too easy to make from advertisers ads appear on the website you will be quite difficult unless the website / blog you have many visitors as required by the website you have over 10 000 page views per month which, if converted into the number of visitors at least about 150 visitors a website per day. But this is not absolute because the number of page views depending on the habits of your visitors. But my experience rata2 web visitors to read 3 pages / person. So to be 10,000 per month page views 10,000: 30 hr = 333 page views / day, 333PV: 3halaman/orang = 111 visitors per day. If the safe does 150 visitors per day.

3. How to make a blog make money through google adsense

Google adsense is a product of Google that can make you earn dollars. Many people who get rich quick because follow-up. But many also fail. To register you must have a website in English to be registered, then you can only use it on the website you are in Bahasa Indonesia.
We recommend that you do not follow this program due to new applicants from Indonesia, from google adsense ads will not appear on the website you are in the form advertising, but only in the search box that is rarely used by people.

Tips on how to create a website for free can make money:

A. If you are a beginner to kumpulblogger register first. Once the visitor website you lots of new follow-up kliksaya.
2. Do not just focus on the revenue dollar. PPC Indonesia was able to provide additional revenue through the website you. At this time also I follow google adsense but I have also picked up kumpulblogger and kliksaya, and the results are quite a month since my salary is almost equal to one month. I even have seniors who can produce between 6-8 million per month from the website via kliksaya and kumpulblogger.
3. If you want dollars income from your website / blog, you should try reading the blog about the review program affliasi as
4. Use the website only. Excuse me for a bit hard to blog in search engine optimization in order to win. Examples of this blog that takes almost a new year can win at google. About how to create a website you can win on search engines like google I'll discuss on another occasion when I have time to make a new post on the blog about how to create a website is.
5. Ok if you are interested in hunting to create a website / blog to make money Includes follow-up.

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