Before we go, it would be nice Kiya little discussed about how to create a blog, it helps if we understand what is the definition or understanding of the blog. When asked about the terms blog, everyone has different answers, even if the answer is different, the meaning of their answers could not be far berbeda.jelasnya understanding Samant black hair.

Blog is a Web site that allows users to write or post things the way they want with ease, (without having to have knowledge of complex html) and can be commented on by visitors. With the reverse order of posts in which the most recent posts at the top followed by the writings of the old in tow.

At first blog only contains an online personal notes or diaries owners, but today's blog topic has grown larger as a venue for knowledge sharing, such as education, health, technology and others. Even the blog has also been used for a company as a medium to get closer to customers and partners.
How To Make it: There are two services that have been recognized blogging prowess by bloggers around the world. Ie Blogspot (; a service owned by Google) and But because the title of this article is how to create a blog on blogspot, so this article will discuss the guidelines create a blog on blogspot only.
For further please follow the steps on how to complete the following blog:

A. Before signing up to create a blog on blogspot, there are important things you must know. Ie you must have an active email address. because the registration form there later blogspot email field must be filled. If not filled, then you will not be able to create a blog on blogspot. For those of you who do not have email, such as @ gmail or @ yahoo
2. If you've made and have email, please go to situ addresses, and so it appears the page which states Created acount.

Next, please click the orange button labeled Start, to start to register a blog at blogspot.

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