I was born 33 years ago in the village of pea Lumban Tambunan more parbagasan parbagasan.dahulunya know there is a very old-fashioned village in the view of my friends who live in the age Tambunan market.
but now it's archaism is rarely spoken of the people who live in the market Tambunan who feel themselves as living in the city.

to shorten the story, here I want to write the story of my sweet and bitter during his education at the junior Tambunan.

I am a graduate of 1996, I actually just 2tahun studying there, kelas 1 smp until mid-semester 1 grade 2 I moved to the smp Tambunan. I moved from one country Balige soposurung junior, actually I do not want to move, but the circumstances of parents is not sufficient for cost menetupi onkos every morning I am finally on the move there.

I remember once, on the first day, I was placed in grade 2b and my homeroom teacher is Mrs. EMN who teaches English language or the mother Tinnong more in the know, and who obviously do not understand why my mother was called Tinnong.
les the first painting in the eye, and the father of SAS into teaching, he saw me as curious and say "hey you know who, why here," he asked, "I am a new student, sir" I replied. 'ok you forward, please draw a house through eye point "he pleaded with me. I went ahead and meet the demands that are so far it's been my understanding.

after I made it with a nice, he saw the look in her eyes that she did not receive, because previously he had never taught his disciples, and he asked me, "where you know that?" he asked curiously, "I have learned so far "I replied.

He also told me to sit down and say 'not this', but after I attended, LHA what's the difference just the same, in my mind there's something wrong with this man.

was correct, missed curiosity, upon completion of subjects was, friend Anson Sinaga Rido bench said "that's the father! he not to be outdone by his students, so if you want good grades, from just scribble," anjurnya on me.

the days were running over time, gradually getting familiar with other classmates, I am not arrogant broo .. after I assess my students in that class. I am still above average. the most competitive in the class has been the issue of IQ, can not say much.

2b class star at the time was good at math Rido sinaga Anson, Patuan Tambunan Physics, Siti Sarinah Pasribu, Ladihum Tambunan, and if I'm just more inclined to the English and history.

time continues to run .. because every morning are met. Siti Sarinah is the sweetest girl like Sugar, bodynya bahenol.membuat thought to be nasty, especially when it's age more in the know denganistilah puberty, been absolutely destroyed, but attitudes like that insipid when we met him, his voice was melodious and graceful stride curry, make all your friends are always looking for attention.

the day was definitely going on as I started toward her, his spare time in which the teacher does not come then, make noise and bustle of the class 2b, there is singing, drum-drum, and there is also a painting contest.

a friend forced me to paint a dog is having sex, I finally complied, the terpangpang see the painting on the board, everyone laughed, except Siti Sarinah, he was absurdly angry, he threw his pen to me, and immediately remove the words oath cuss, he was also linked with the inanities of my parents, with my emotions to him, without the command, with the spontaneity of my foot slammed into his back.

she cried absurdly, his voice filled the room grade, voice inviting another class.
short stories eventually become crowded, the homeroom teacher who happened to be coming to teach in the classroom lain.saya getting confused, saying to myself "what have I done with this sweet girl?", how sorry I am, oh Lord I ampunu ...

homeroom teacher came, she told me to bring home treatment (in order), siti sayapun mau.akhirnya not reject the law teacher to salute the flag pole after hours of studying.

in the hot sun, I thought "why be like this" and I really liked it, but what has been
kun do, I have been hurt., might there be sorry untuku?.

time went by without any apology from him, I did not ever ask me for the ride maafkannya.kami third grade, all casual, but we never met alone in the classroom, because we were too early arrival, we were not ever steal of view, but each hide, I just quietly, almost 15 minutes in the classroom, we were silent as no one, finally friends started coming one persatu.saya relax, but to myself thinking, "I do not Gentle" why is not my time space use to reveal my feelings for him so, and why I just shut up?.

1y four months we were never greeted, at the last moment after graduation, with a heart that I am guilty of deliberately seeking out His house address, after the can, I went to his house Saturday night within 30 Km from the village, with minimal transportation that eventually I went in the company a friend from another class that is still a village with me.

we also went, almost 1 hour on our way menepuhnya, yeah pretty much, he pantasan (Siti) leave school rather quickly. after arriving at his house, I thought why his traditional Batak house?, I think the wrong address, according to the information, his rather traditional house (Sopo). we were pretending to buy cigarettes kewarung.penjual asking "who are looking for" tanynya, "oh yes know the name Siti bu, "I said, well it's his house," he said.

I happened to see it without carrying a bucket of laundry, he did not say anything, then I walked over and said "apakabar?, sorry, I accidentally came to you just to apologize for what I've done to you all along," I begged him. "never mind that was a long passed, do not need to be discussed, first let's go home "he said.

he also invited us to go home, I was very pleased, he had forgiven me, amid asiknya story here and there, then his parents came. we shake hands and introduce myself, I am also a little scared when-when the old charcoal will drive us out, because his son already been kusakiti, another hunch turned out, his parents so we sat becerita baik.mempersilakan until 2 am, though was in the company tanyangan TVRI broadcast until 12 o'clock at night, I menayakannya "where you continue?" I want to go to STM "he said.

after I explained, that the STM is specifically for men, but to say yes, I entered the electronics engineering, so that later if you can finish the work in Batam "he replied, that it's Zaman Batam still marvelously fragrant scent.

we started looking for a sleeping position, he entered her room, me and my friend we slept in the room woke up he was tamu.paginya menyediahkan kopi.kami started rushing to get up and straighten all, after drinking coffee, we said goodbye to her parents.

before I left, I shook his hand gently and said "this might be the last time we met, please sorry aku.dia nodded her head as agreed, with a quiet step I was gone from her presence.

3 years passed, without any khabar, I continue my studies raksana STM field. After the last exam was over, I accidentally dropped into sopo Surung Balige to see him, because a friend of preaching, when he was boarding there, we also see, I see the usual responya only, 20 minutes ago I was sitting farewell to walk away, then say goodbye, she said ok ... (but 3 years is not met}.

after graduation, without the burden I went to Batam with Capital wander desperate, relatives and even without a definite purpose. I finally arrived in Batam.

I also tried their luck in the city, I was accepted to work in one of the oil companies engaged penegeboran PT Mconel.2 my years there, bored and switched propesi Guyt, to guide Singapore and other guests.

inadvertently, I met a junior high school graduates Tambunan, his name is Lina Simanjuntak, he mengatakana that he had met with siti, I was asked for his address, with a very extra search, finally I found him on the headland housing piayu.

at the meeting, there was no difference with such a meeting in soposurung, in my heart said he did not jodohku, I went away without saying goodbye again, silently say oklah if so.

on the way home, I removed everything about him. love does not mean it should have, and love can not be in force, sometimes too serious to be bomerang own, good thing I was not too long .... if you can not Gilo,,, like the songs itu.dalam principle , first love for the media only through, then it's up to you ...

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